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June 27, 2007  

Only 3 days to go for The Big Five Marathon
This Saturday, June 30, at 8 o'clock a selection of some of the toughest runners in the world will start out for 42.195 km of exhausting but absolutely rewarding running. The Big Five Marathon is a safari, an exploration of magnificent nature and a marathon all connected into one event.
The course winds up and down two plateaus with altitude levels of 1100 and 1600 m and the route foundation is challenging, to say the least. But in return finishers are rewarded with lions, giraffes and antelopes as spectators, a scenery beyond comparison and, not least, the opportunity to earn unmatchable bragging rights.
Due to safety requirements and out of consideration for the animals only 500 runners are allowed in the marathon and half marathon. So the field of runners is truly a selected club, but if you hurry up you might just be in time for one of the last bibs.


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