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October 23, 2007  

The Great Tibetan Marathon now open for entries
The Great Tibetan Marathon, half marathon, 10 km and 5 km will in 2008 take place 19th of July. All packages and prices are ready. Please have a look at where all details are to find. Again in 2008 the marathon will start in an altitude of 3800 meters in the monastery of Hemis. 42,195 km later you will cross the finish line in an altitude of 3400 meters in the courtyard of the Spituk Monastery. A breathtakingly beautiful route in the Indus Valley past ancient monasteries, small Tibetan villages and majestic snow covered mountains.


Am trying to get hold of you guys as i am doing an article for on extreme marathons, in which a few of your feature. We are after some pictures to go with the article and were wondering if you could provide us with a few? If you could get back to me asap that would be great.



I recommend this event, i hav ben ther in 2003 and 2007

Jeg anbefaler denne tur, jeg har været der i 2003 og 2007.

Palle Roy
Are there any packages for less than 10 days? Which hotel/guest house do the racers stay?
We don't have any packages for less than 10 days for this years Great Tibetan Marathon. All runners need about a week in the altitude before the race in order to acclimatise properly.

The Guest Houses for the runners are some of the best that you find in Ladakh. Please note, however, that luxurous hotel facilities are not available in such a remote region.
Hello all,

I'm participating in this marathon for the first time. I live near Delhi an am interested in training with other residents of India.

I am also interested in meeting up with participants spending time in Delhi before the race.


I will be in China for the summer months and was wondering if there was a way to run the marathon without using one of your India based packages.
Hi All,
I'm wondering the same as anonymous. I'll be in Nepal for the summer and I'd like to run the marathon without purchasing a full travel package. I think I saw somewhere that there was a required 3 days of acclimatization. I would participate in thost 3 days above 3800 meters if necessary. (prob a good idea!)
Can you please post a course profile?

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