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May 29, 2007  

Great Wall Marathon on Your iPod?
In the media gallery on the Great Wall website, you will find all the Great Wall Marathon 2007 photos and videos. We will be uploading more material regularly.
Send us your photos and movies, and we will publish them here for the benefit of other runners.

Now, you can also download the full 8 minute video in the iPod mp4 format. So go ahead and dwell upon your special Great Wall moments when you commute to work, relax on the porch of your friend's house, etc.


Extended Video from the Great Wall
Here you go; an 8 minute summary of this year's run :-)


Great Wall in the News
The Great Wall Marathon was covered in numerous articles this year both online as well as in newspapers.
Here is a selection:
ABC News (US)
International Herald Tribune (INT)
Winnipeg Free Press (Canada)
Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
BT (Denmark)
Japan Times (Japan)
The Hindu (India)
De Hard Loop Krant (Netherlands)
Bend Bulletin (US)
Kuwait Times (Kuwait)
The Star (Malaysia)

May 22, 2007  

Back from the Wall

Thank you so much to all the participants for making this year an astonishing experience.
In the coming days, we will be releasing impressions from the run on our blog. Photos, videos and stories.
We have just returned to our office in Copenhagen, and the 25 steps leading up to our reception are a welcoming reminder. Our knees are still like jelly, but our smiles are silly and proud. Tried it all? Yup, we have run the wall.

May 18, 2007  

Cheers to Fiji Bula and GutsMuths Rennsteiglauf
The day of The Great Wall Marathon being tomorrow, a Saturday, the world is not crammed with marathon races on this date. However, two races other than The Great Wall Marathon are taking place on May 19: the Fiji Bula Marathon along the coast of one of Fiji's islands and the funny-named GutsMuths Rennsteiglauf in a large forest in central Germany. - And then there's our great pride, The Great Wall Marathon on, not surprisingly, the Great Wall of China.
The Fiji race sounds like manageable fun with its appealing coastal route and the highest point being 58 m above sea level.
The cross-country race in Germany advertises romantic, wooded scenery and the historical feeling to the race. Apparently, the event goes back some 40 years and was quite a big thing in the former East Germany.
I'm sure that the paradise-like Fiji islands would make a pretty nice beach holiday for tranquilizing after the marathon. And the shade of a vast, old, German forest is no-doubt a pleasant background for a task as laborious as a marathon. But how can any of them compete with 2,500 years of eventful history of successive Chinese dynasties? 3,700 ancient, rickety stone steps ascending up to 10%, situated on an exquisite and undamaged mountain ridge in China, will beat tropical coasts and old, labyrinthine forests any time.
Mao Zedong once said, "you're not a real man if you haven't climbed the Great Wall". Maybe this should be changed to "you're not a real marathoner if you haven't run 42 km in burning heat on the Great Wall". I, for one, know where I'll be tiring my legs on May 19, and I hope to be followed by a swarm of enthusiastic adventure-seekers, who are as excited about the event as we are proud to present it.

May 9, 2007  

Countdown to The Great Wall Marathon
In nine days, on May 19th 2007, the Great Wall Marathon will be held for the 8h time in the picturesque and unspoiled surroundings of Tianjin Province, China. More than 1200 runners will be joining us this time.
Personally, I am only in for the short 10 kilometre run. I have to back at the square in due time to meet the exhausted, incoming runners with flyers about our next spectacular run among the wildlife in South Africa :-)


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