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January 30, 2008  

The Polar Circle Marathon now ready for sign ups
Now you can sign up for the Polar Circle Marathon 2008. This amazing race that takes place just north of the Polar Circle in Greenland, gives the participants a unique running experience.
Astonishing glaciers, vast tundra, reindeer and musk oxen and of course the Ice Cap itself is some of the amazing sights waiting for the runners.
The route itself will be a good challenge as well as the cold and dry air will contribute to the "adventure" feeling. It is, however, a marathon that can be completed in a fair time although one shouldn?t expect to set a personal record.
The race takes place October 18th and we have put together a Basic Package and an Optional Package for those who wish to explore more of beautiful Greenland.
For all details, please go to our website:


I didn't find a page where i could leave a note for you. Anyway, I ahve a site where i wrote on my first Chicago marathon 2007. If you find it helpful for your page then add a link to

I?m writing an article for Tracks, an brazilian magazine from one of the most important brazilian label of sports (, about the Great Wall Marathon. We are need some pictures to go with the article and were wondering if you could provide us with a few. Best Regards,
Juliana Andrade

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