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May 18, 2008  

The day after Race Day
It is Sunday morning here in Beijing, and both runners and organisers in The Great Wall Marathon have benefitted from a good night's sleep.

As mentioned, the marathon was a great succes with more runners than we have ever seen before - 1608 runners from 38 countries ran over the start line in the marathon, halfmarathon, 10K or 5K.

The weather forecasts had predicted heavy rains, so everybody was a little nervous thinking about how some of the trails would inevitably turn into sticky mud. But luckily it kept dry all day and a thick layer of clouds covered the blazing sun and kept the temperatures at around 18 degrees C - in other words perfect running weather.

We even saw a new marathon course record set by Romualdo Sanchez Garita from Mexico who finished in an astonishing 3:18:47. The first female marathoner to cross the finish line was Leanne Juul from South Africa with a time of 4:09:07. Winners in The Great Wall Halfmarathon was Andrew Dorobek, USA, 1:34:44 and Helene Rao, France, 1:55:51.

All reults in The Great Wall Marathon 2008 are available at

Now, we are just waiting for the big gala dinner tonight, and then we can start looking forward to the Great Wall Marathon 2009. This will be the 10th race, and a few special treats for the anniversary are already in the making...

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It was a great experience and I have a suggestion for increasing the appeal among competitive souls. There should be a "records" page in results that lists the all time best time in each of the races in each of the age groups. One can figure it out by going over the posted time but it would stimulate more competition and more registrations if it was promoted I believe.

Does anyone know who I might write to with this suggestion?

(Of course I have a personal reason. My 1:09:35 in the 5K was the best time I can find for 60 and older men :-) John Howell
Hi John,

Glad you enjoyed the marathon and thanks for your suggestion.
One of the main ideas of our Adventure Marathons, however, is that it's not about records and best times but about having fun and getting an experience for life. Therefore we have decided not to accentuate the best times.
A friend and I are thinking of registering for the 2009 GWM. We live in Macau SAR. We are a bit concerned that registration/participation is contingent on being part of a tour package, an expense we'd rather not be bound to. Why have you made the tour packages compulsory with the marathon?
Lars Fyhr,

Happy Holidays! I'm hoping you or one of your colleagues can help me... My boyfriend, Andrew Dorobek - bib #1551, won the 2008 Great Wall Half Marathon. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the Gala dinner and never received his trophy.

Is there any way possible to have the trophy resent? I would be willing to pay shipping costs, etc...

Please contact me at with details.

I truly appreciate any assistance!!!

Kind regards,

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